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About Us

What Sets Us Apart

Wine Flight is neither solely a bar nor is it solely a retail shop. Rather, we’re a hybrid of both—we’re an experience. We’re not snooty; rather, we’re approachable and love to geek out about aircrafts, wine, and craft beer. We want you to feel comfortable in our space, which is why we’ve created an industrial feel (almost like an aircraft hangar) rather than using luxurious furnishings.

We offer quality, unique, wine and craft beer at affordable prices. Most importantly, you can enjoy your beverage at Wine Flight as our bottle/glass prices are much lower than what your standard restaurant offers. The beverages you find here will not be offered in your local grocery stores.

Although Wine Flight’s journey has just begun, Rebekah and Tony have been exploring the world of wine and craft beer for the last several years.

Our Adventure Seeking Owners

Rebekah & Tony Zimmerman

Rebekah and Tony are the proud owners of Wine Flight and are local to Elmore, Ohio. Rebekah is originally from southeast Michigan with a legal and aviation background—hence, why we’re aviation-driven. She brings her love for all things aviation into her passion for wine. Tony is originally from northwest Ohio with a construction background. With his strong organizational skills and building ability, Wine Flight has been constructed to leave a lasting impression.

They are wine enthusiasts who decided to expand beyond their curiosity in wine and really embrace the business and lifestyle of wine and craft beer. After Rebekah took her sommelier exam in Traverse City, Michigan, she was hooked. They believe if you are passionate about what you do, then not only will you live a pleasurable life, but you also will affect those surrounding you in a positive way. We strive to offer this level of passion during each customer interaction.