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Do you make your own wine or craft beer?

We do not make any of the wine/craft beer we sell. The wine and beer we sell is made by winemakers and brewers from around the world.

Are you a winery or brewery?

A winery is an establishment that makes wine on site, and a brewery is a place that makes beer on site. Because we do not make any wine or beer here, we are not considered as a “winery” or “brewery.” Rather, we are a bar and retail spot with a large variety of quality, unique, wines and craft beers made from great people all around the world.

Are you a retail shop or bar?

Well, we’re a hybrid of both. We like to say that “we’re not a bar—we’re an experience.” You can grab anything off the shelves and consume in the store after starting a tab. We have a bar in the shop where you can be served draft beer and wine by the glass pours. We also offer small plate appetizers to pair with your wine.

Craft Beer - what's that?

A beer made in a traditional or non-mechanized way by a small brewery.

Do you offer beer that is not craft beer?

We do not offer the mainstream beers (e.g. Bud Light; Miller Light; Blue Moon; etc.). We do, however, offer great craft beers as an alternative to several of the mainstream beers that are similar in taste. Just let us know what you normally drink, and we will guide you to a great comparable beer.

We offer only craft beer because we want to support small, family-owned, businesses and farmers. Craft brewers spend their time focusing on the quality of their beer rather than focusing on their marketing campaigns and stock prices (like mainstream beer). Craft brewers put their heart and soul, as well as, lots of amazing ingredients, into every beer they brew and don’t cut any corners.

When do your gift cards expire?

Our gift cards/certificates expire 2 (two) years after purchase.

Do you offer a Beer of the Month Club?

As of right now, we do not have a Beer of the Month Club.

Do you offer case discounts?

Yes. If you buy a case of wine (i.e. 12 bottles), then you receive a 10% discount on the case price. You can comprise your case of any wine you like.

Can I special order wine or craft beer with you?

Yes you can! We enjoy helping out brides/grooms for their wedding wine or businesses that are hosting an event of their own. Our trained staff and sommelier will help you pick out the perfect wine/craft beer for your event that is within your budget. For an added bonus, you will get a 10% discount for each case of wine you purchase.

Can I grab a bottle off your shelf and drink it inside your shop?

Yes, we would love for you to enjoy our wine and craft beer inside our shop. You can drink here anytime we’re open.

Opening a wine bottle here is just an additional $5 on-premise cost compared to the double markup bottle price you pay when dining at a full-fledged restaurant. Opening a bottled beer here is just an additional $2 on-premise cost. We think it’s a great deal. Better yet, we encourage you to carry-in your restaurant food into Wine Flight and pair it with our quality wine offered at an affordable price. We have ample seating for you and your guests.

If you do not carry a wine/beer that I am looking for in your shop, can you get it for me?

Most likely yes. If the distributor of that wine/beer services our area, then we can get you your requested wine/beer. Just let us know what the wine/beer is called and we will do the leg work from there.

I would like to have a special event at Wine Flight, can I rent your space?

We welcome special events in our space. To learn more view our Special Event Private Party Package .

I would like to reserve a table for myself and my guests, can I do that?

We’re pretty casual, so we’re a “seat yourself” place. Just come on in and find yourself a seat, or wander the shop with your beverage. However, we do rent a portion of Wine Flight for your special event during our open hours. Take a look at  our Special Event Package to see if Wine Flight can meet your needs.

Are your wines more expensive since you are a small local shop?

No, and in fact, our wines are priced at the state-minimum threshold (so, we legally cannot go any lower on our prices). We strive to find unique, quality wines at affordable, everyday prices.

Is there easy parking?

Yes. Free parking is available on the street in front of the shop and available in the village parking lot less than a block away (corner of Maple Street and Rice Street).

Are my kids able to come with me to the shop?

Yes, children are welcome at Wine Flight. However, unattended children will be given a shot of espresso and a puppy. 😉

Is your shop ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible?

Yes we are!


If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you.


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