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Fueling Station

Additional Options:

Wanting something a bit more to eat while here? Enjoy a full entrée in Wine Flight by carrying-in (or requesting delivery) local restaurant food. Local restaurant options include: DeStazio’s Pizza (delivers into Wine Flight for free), Village Inn Grill, and Portage Inn.

Food coming from home or the grocery store are not allowed pursuant to the Ohio Health Code. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding in advance.

Get wine by the glass from our selection behind the bar or grab a bottle off the shelves to enjoy here for a modest $5 on-premise cost. Wine Flight offers over 200 different labels of wine.

14 Wines Open Every Day

Come on over to Wine Flight to check out what we have on pour in our Fueling Station. We make it fun for you by changing our wines often! You can always give us a call if you’re interested in learning what we specifically have open behind the bar. Cheers!

Certified Aircraft Wine Flight

Our “certified aircraft wine flight” is intentionally selected and prearranged by our knowledgeable staff. This wine flight changes weekly and is only $12. “Certified aircraft” is a pilot term, which basically means the aircraft’s layout/engine/equipment have all been approved and certified by the government. Likewise, the wines we include in this flight have been carefully selected and arranged in a specific order—hence, “certified” by us.

Experimental Aircraft Wine Flight

Our “experimental aircraft wine flight” is a “do it yourself” experience, as you can select any 4 wines available behind the bar. The price varies depending on what wines you choose. “Experimental aircraft” is a pilot term, which basically means the aircraft has not yet been fully proven in flight by the government. These aircrafts are for the adventure-seekers, as the aircrafts can range from being home-built to being an ultralight hang-gliding aircraft. Likewise, the wines in this flight have not been pre-selected and arranged by us—hence, it’s an experiment for you.

Enjoy a cold bottled craft here from our large selection in the shop for a modest $2 on-premise cost, or enjoy a draft from one of our 12 taps that we rotate constantly. Build your own 6-pack or fill a growler to take home.

Interested in learning what we have on draft? Check out our Untappd page where we post what we’ve put on tap.

Want to Try Something A Bit Refreshing?

Ask for a radler. A radler is made with half beer and half fruit soda. It’s a delicious and light choice if you’re stopping by during a run or while you’re biking on the North Coast Inland Trail.