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Part-Time Flight Crew


Thank you for your interest in joining the Wine Flight team. We strive to find the best employees for our team, just as you are trying to find the right company for yourself. To ensure this great relationship, we ask that you complete the form below. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.

Compensation will be based on our holistic evaluation of the applicant on a case-by-case basis.


Prior experience in the industry is not required; rather, we are seeking wine and/or craft beer enthusiasts who take initiative and find joy in learning about wine and craft beer.

You are at least 21 years old to open wine and beer bottles and pour the beverage.

Lift and maneuver 60 – 80 lb kegs up and down stairs.

We carry over 250 different wine labels in our shop that we offer for retail carry-out and for on-premise consumption. Thus, you must be willing to learn about the difference between each wine type and have the confidence to guide the consumer to a wine they will love based on the consumer’s preference.

Able to work evenings, peak times, weekends, and periods leading up to major holidays/events.

Demonstrates a capacity for customer engagement and salesmanship by possessing the following traits: trustworthy, approachable, perceptive, consistently effective, tactful, humble, confident, and ability to remain positive and take initiative.

Competent with classic food and wine pairing strategies. (preferred—not required)

Level One Certification in Food Protection with ServSafe. (preferred—not required)

Job Duties | Description

Build effective, professional, and trustworthy relationships with co-workers and consumers to maximize repeat consumer visits.

Attends merchandise tastings held at Wine Flight, with primary responsibility to share knowledge from these events with co-workers and consumers.

Knowledgeable on all pricing, signage, wine vintage updates, and displays.

Able to readily assist customers to determine their needs and make beverage recommendations in a manner that is concise, tactful, confident, and humbled.

Foster a collaborative work environment; ensure a positive internal and external customer experience.

Demonstrates exceptional service and selling skills. Highly visible on the sales floor/bar area to customers/co-workers.

Assist with the weekly wine tasting events and promotional events (e.g. set-up, clean-up; pouring beverages while explaining the background and tasting notes of the beverage; clearing tables; etc.).

Assist with the monthly wine club and corresponding events (e.g. printing brochures; etc.)

Assist in maintenance of the shop/bar to ensure cleanliness, safety, and organization at all times (e.g. cleaning/shining glassware; sweeping; dusting; etc.).

Efficiently use the point of sales system (cash register) to handle consumer sales. Input data/product information into the point of sale system.

Assist in stocking beverages and merchandise.

Make/prepare the food and deliver to consumers.

Regularly and timely communicate with Manager and co-workers to keep all informed regarding the sales, product inventory, and the consumer needs.

Perform all other duties/tasks assigned by Manager.

We are always accepting applications. In order to have a complete application and be considered for employment at Wine Flight you must:

  1. Be 21 years old or older, as Ohio law specifies this age to pour and serve alcohol. 
  2. Perform the job duties and requirements described herein.
  3. Read and sign the certification.
  4. Attach a resume to this application.
  5. Submit your application by the deadline (if there is a deadline).
  6. Receive an auto-generated email from us confirming that you successfully submitted your application. 

Career Questions

If you have additional questions or concerns please contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you.


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