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Stem Snips & Wine Sips – 11/21/19


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Get your dining room table ready for Thanksgiving. From fresh flowers, centerpiece base, and the florist from Zimmerman Flowers & Gifts, –we have you covered.

Just come empty-handed and leave with a beautiful fresh flower centerpiece that you’ve created while sipping on wine. (Cash bar available for purchases.)

This is the perfect opportunity to relax before the holiday while creating something beautiful for Thanksgiving. $35 + tax – a floral arrangement, a coupon voucher for the Employee Discount on all apparel, and a fully completed Bridge Bucks Card. You walk away with a fresh centerpiece, a $7 savings on a super cute t-shirt, and two free appetizers (a $24 value) which can be redeemed between February – July 2020!⁠

Check out our cancellation policy and terms here.