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Wine Club

Adventure Seeker Wine Club

$30 + tax a month for 2 bottles. Think of this membership as your passport to discovering new wine regions and finding wines you enjoy.

Mile High Wine Club

$60 + tax a month for 2 bottles. Feeling a bit risqué? Here you’ll receive top-notch wines from premier wine growing regions. COVID Update: This club is suspended until further notice.

Experience Wine Like Never Before

Wine novices and enthusiasts can join one (or both) of our monthly wine clubs to taste and learn about wine in the comfort of their own home. Quality red and white wines from around the world are hand selected by our wine sommelier. With each membership tier, you receive two bottles of wine a month plus details on the wines and food pairing suggestions.

Wine Club Members are invited weekly for our Frequent Flyer Fuel Fringe where you get $2 off your Fueling Station glasses of wine. You can always gift a wine club membership to your wine loving friends and family. They’ll love it! Your order is ready for pick-up every month. We’ll process your credit card monthly. You can cancel at any time (see our cancellation FAQ below).


Free Corkage

Each month, we give our loyal members 1 free on-premise corkage voucher. Exclusive for Members. Save up to $5 each month when receiving this Member voucher.

10% OFF Accessories & Clothing

When you pick up your monthly membership wine, you will receive 10% off any of our accessories (e.g. vacuum sealers, wine glasses, etc.) & clothing.

Exclusive Access to Private Events

A huge perk of being a member is your exclusive access to have first dibs on our special private events (e.g. Movement to Mimosas; Dine with Wine; Wine Education Workshop; etc.) before we release access to the general public. Our private events sell out fast — and it’s always with our members.

$2 Off Glasses of Wine

We have a weekly Happy Hour just for you. Experience your “Frequent Flyer Fuel Fringe” once a week. On the specified date, Wine Club Members and their one guest get $2 off their glasses of wine from our Fueling Station.

Wine Education

Receive handcrafted wine educational sheets, drafted by our Sommelier, to learn more about new regions and grapes of the world. These will help guide you in your wine palate exploration.

I really don't know a lot about wine. Is a wine club right for me?

Our wine club is the perfect start to learning more about wine. We strive to keep the wine club informative–but not overwhelming—and, most importantly, fun. Additionally, we strive to keep the tasting events that are exclusive to the club members as casual and carefree as possible. There are no “nose in the air” people working here, and we never want anyone to feel intimated. It’s our job to make you feel comfortable and to help you enjoy your experiences with wine/beer.

Can I join more than one club?

Yes, of course you can. Joining multiple clubs will enhance your palate and knowledge with wine.

Can I give a wine club membership as a gift?

Yes, we love it when others share the joy of wine. We ask that the gift membership be a minimum of 3 months.

Do you ever offer the the wine club wine on the shelves for non-members?

We strive to keep the wine club wines exclusive to our members. This makes being a member a bit more fun, as you are trying wines that you cannot find in the store.

When and how can I cancel my wine club membership?

For non-gift memberships, you are not locked into a set number of months. When you want to cancel, email

If you cancel by the 14th of the month, you are no longer a member for the upcoming month. However, if you cancel on or after the 15th of the month, then you will be a member this upcoming month and will be removed the following month.

Example: If you cancel on January 15, you will be charged for February’s wine and will still have access to all of the member perks in February. In March, you are no longer a member.

Example: If you cancel on January 14, you are no longer a member and will not be charged moving forward.

If I am a wine club member, can I order more of the wines that I like from the club?

Yes. A benefit of being a wine club member is your opportunity to re-order the wine at the state-minimum price.

Do you make the wine that is offered in your wine club?

No, we do not make any wine at Wine Flight. The wines we offer in this club are of great quality and come from all over the world.

Can you deliver the wine club wines to me?

As of right now, we are not delivering wine. Perhaps we will in the future.